Our goal is to recuperate the beautiful steel-hull sailing freighter ONICE, restore and partly rebuilt it and make it suitable to transport merchandise in a most environmentally friendly way and this way contribute to the promotion of the benefits of carbon neutral shipping. In addition, there shall be availability of space for paying trainees and passengers who will have the unique opportunity to be actively involved in the sailing process of an historical cargo craft.


  • INVEST –

    Interested in participating and investing in this unique project? We are selling shares of the company and in consequence shares of the ship; USD 1,000.- each. Please contact us for more information.


    Interested in moving cargo at zero emission? A letter of intent for future transportation contracts will bring us one step closer to the realization of our project.

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  • DONATE –

    Any type of donation is highly appreciated. Whether it’s money, raw materials, tools and/or food for our volunteers — we are grateful for any level of contribution. A list of needs will be available soon on our website.


    The first stage of the refit will happen in a shipyard in Trapani, Italy. Once the steel hull is complete, we will need help from anyone interested  in actively participating in the rebuilding process of a traditional sailing ship. No special skills required; you will be working under the guidance and supervision of professional carpenters and shipbuilders. Contact us for more details.