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Sail-transported coffee

The first sail-transported coffee available through Andante. Organic coffee produced in Honduras, transported by one of the first commercial sailing ships Avontuur, fire-roasted by Caffé GM following a genuine century-old tradition based on oak roasting and open-air cooling. Full traceability of the product from producer to distributer.

EUR 5.- of your purchase will go to the Brigantes Project, a dedicated grass-root movement striving to support a healthy transport culture by shipping products globally under sail, while ensuring that every stage of the supply

For every EUR 100.- donation we will issue a certificate of honorary membership AND an INVITATION CARD entitling the holder to spend one day on board of the SV-Brigantes wherever the ship might be. We offer the genuine, unfiltered, but most of all, unique opportunity to be part of a meaningful and beautiful process—to maneuver a traditional sail vessel in its original function as a sail cargo ship.

For every EUR 50.- donation, we will send you a recycled & rebranded Brigantes T-Shirt. Each one is unique, as all T-shirt are accuratedly selected and branded by hand. Wear them with pride, as they carry all the spirit of the Brigantes Project!

Thank you for your support!

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