Valbruna 10.41

10 minutes ago John left our place to return back to England to wife & job. A very good job indeed, as an engineer at a famous aircraft, a job with a huge responsability, same as on the EYE OF THE WIND, where we first met one year ago. What generally seems to be a handicap of volunteering people by not been specialised forces, turned into opposite: John was even far to accurate, let me say the spar he did is fantastic, no „professional“ could do better!

It was a true coincidence that mid-June a guy we met in Vienna before Christmas, Paul, was avaiable to join Brigantes, so we quickly decided to start some working sessions in our workshop in the Alps. The goal: to shape the logs cutted two years ago to get the spars for our ship. Not the most pressing task, indeed, but the perfect way to explore organisation, legal issues, setting, daily life and more of the basic idea of involving enthusiasts at the building of the ship, creating a win-win situation for both.

Let me say it was for me a fantastic experience! Such a  bunch of kind individuals, every one of them willing to work and share their skills and particular knowledge – even two boatbuilder were among them. So we went step by step into the challenge to get nicely shaped spars, tryed out several methods to find the most efficent way to do what generations of craftsman did before us, and before fossil fuel based motorisation relegated the magnificent tall sailing ships to be rare guests on the seven seas.

After three months of being imprisoned in a remote valley, Paul is now out for a week, just for being sure there is something out there… So I sit here alone for the first time that summer, in good company of a boom, two gaffs and three yards.

How do they say in social media? Feeling grateful.