During the restoration process of the hull, the ship was totally gutted. This way, we could completely plan and rebuild the interiors, superstructures, wires, pipes and of course the rigging. The most important material we will continue to work is wood; a material that requires some skills and experience, yet can be acquired in very little time. We will, of course, have modern technology where needed, yet we will always remain faithful to the overall motto of the project: “less is more”.


Install all pipes (electrics, hydraulics, air) and the water tanks – build all the interiors – re-establish standing and running goods – make poles and spars from solid wood – and much more …


X.2016.In January 2016, ONICE changed ownership again. A newly founded shipping company became the owner of the historic hull. After having been re-floated by former owner Miceli, ONICE was transferred into theDa.Ro.Mar.Ci.
The ship was towed onto the slipway using traditional techniques. The hull was cleared of rust and debris, which had accumulated over the years.  Unusable structures were removed and disposed of, until the hull was empty and ready to be rebuilt.

X.2017From the deck upwards, everything was rebuilt from scratch. The deck was completely renewed, beams replaced and the old restored hatch was eventually returned to its original place. The bulwark was completely redone, with additional reinforcements for the shrouds of the two masts. The front has also been renewed and is now following the original design, which was altered during the 2nd motorization in 1957 — together with the stem, which has now been removed to make space for the bowsprit.

X.1918Only a few plates lying below the waterline had to be renewed. The chains were rusting in the chain box for almost 30 years, which inevitably led to severe galvanic corrosion. The old plates were removed on both sides and will be replaced soon. Two plates in the aft section, damaged in a collision a few years ago, will also be replaced.

Launching ceremony. The vessel will be officially christened BRIGANTES and launched

Set-up of the “Brigantes Shipyard” in the port of Trapani and transfer of the ship there. Start building the interiors, deckhouses and rigg

Completion of the vessel and first sailing

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